Presidential Suite

60,000 / per night
Max. Guests
2 Guests
Booking Nights
1 Min.
Bed Type
Single Bed

Presidential Suite Room:

Indulge in unparalleled luxury and opulence with our Presidential Suite, the epitome of grandeur and sophistication. Experience the ultimate VIP treatment with a complimentary breakfast served in the privacy and comfort of your suite.

The Presidential Suite boasts exquisite features, including air conditioning for optimal comfort throughout your stay. Stay connected effortlessly with our free and fast Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected with the world or catch up on work with ease.

Our convenient intercom system ensures prompt service and assistance whenever you need it. Relax and unwind with a wide range of entertainment options on the TV, or utilize the dedicated reading table for work or leisure activities.

The Presidential Suite Room offers an extraordinary experience, providing you with exceptional facilities and a luxurious ambiance that surpasses all expectations.

Room Availability

  • Available
  • Not Available

Room Services

Widescreen TV
Fast Wi-Fi Available
Breakfast for 1 Guest
Reading Table
Free Gym Access
Free All-Games Access

Room Reviews

Mariam Omotoyosi
Mariam Omotoyosi -

The Presidential Suite exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I entered, I was greeted with opulence and elegance. The spacious living area, luxurious bedroom, and breathtaking views made me feel like royalty. The attention to detail and impeccable service provided by the staff truly made my stay unforgettable.